Myths Addressed in the Enemy of the Truth

The Kennedy assassination has produced a wide array of unconventional ideas concerning how President Kennedy was killed. Although imaginative and occasionally thought-provoking, most of these unusual theories rely upon the suspension of common sense. However, as myths they continue to rear their head, summoning the naïve to join forces in a “truth is stranger than fiction” campaign. These extraordinary, but unverifiable claims based on rumor and suppositions gather attention, but they detract from the quality of information assassination researchers strive to bring to this mysterious homicide.

The skill of a magician is in getting the audience to focus its attention where he wants it at a specific instant and the success of magic lies in the ability to create illusions that have the appearance of reality. Sensationalism is a type of magic; so while claims such as ice bullets and poisoned darts capture one’s attention, the message that they must be proven forensically falls to the wayside. The melodramatic and exaggerated message of the myth becomes the focus rather than forensically proven truths. It is incumbent upon us to scientifically focus on the message; it’s the only way the magic of the myth will be exposed as an illusion.

Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination  focuses on the following myths:

Dallas Police Department Followed Protocol
Ear Witness are Reliable
Blood in the Zapruder film is Faked
The Limousine Stopped
Ballistic Test Prove a Single Shooter
The Headshot Came from the Grassy Knoll
There were Two Simultaneous Shots to the Head
The Single Bullet Theory Works

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