Where is Front?

25° turnThe Civil Aeromedical Institute of the FAA’s Aeronautical Center prepared a series of calibrated photographs of replicas of Kennedy’s head for the HSCA. Comparing facial features in the calibrated photographs to Zapruder frame 312, they determined Kennedy’s head was turned away from Zapruder approximately 25.0 degrees past profile.

Dale Myers is a computer animator who received an Emmy for his 2004 animated recreation of the Kennedy assassination. Myers’ computer recreation found the orientation of JFK’s head relative to Zapruder’s view at frame 312 turned away from Zapruder 25.7 degrees.

In 2003, ABC News hired independent experts from Z-Axis Corporation, one of the nation’s leading forensic animation companies, to assess Myers’ computations. Axis Corporation determined Myers did “an excellent job” and provided opportunity for the assassination sequence examination “from any point of view with absolute geometric integrity.”

If we can rely on these three entities to agree Kennedy’s head was turned approximately 25 degrees beyond profile relative to Zapruder, where in Dealey Plaza is front? Get the answer to this and more in Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics and the Kennedy Assassination.

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