About the Book and Endorsements

After nearly 50 years, the JFK assassination still has a sense of importance in the minds of people around the world. The most studied murder investigation of the 21st century is still plagued by questions and a variety of theories about this tragic event. Regardless of how tenacious and believable an enduring assertion may be, if it lacks historical or scientific sustenance, it is a myth. Myths about Kennedy’s assassination were generated almost immediately following his death. It is disconcerting to know some facets of the Kennedy assassination are distorted with unproven theories such as Kennedy’s head movement proving there were two simultaneous shots or the recovery location of the Harper fragment proving a rear and shot. Outdated information such as the reliability of the ballistic testing has also contributed to an erroneous account of this historical event.

Man has a natural affinity for seeking the truth through personal experience, intelligence, and intuition. Daily life, society, government, and relationships are all established on what is believed to be the truth. The intellectual capacity to integrate information and reconcile conflicting data gives us a sense of clarity by developing a perception of what is true. The perception of truth is limited by our beliefs and knowledge about a particular subject. Consequently, truth is often a matter of perspective, not irrefutable fact, therefore using erroneous or outdated information to determine the truth about a particular situation can result in wrong conclusions.

Ancient cultures believed the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth. Beliefs that were hailed as truths by those philosophies, we now know were based upon flawed perceptions and information. Similarly, researchers of the Kennedy assassination use personal experience, intelligence, and intuition to establish the truth. No matter how credible unsubstantiated claims may at first glance, unless proven correct they are still myths; and myths will never be facts. History should be unbiased and based in validated facts; additionally, all unverified assertions must be periodically scientifically reanalysed to assure the perception of truth has not been scientifically proven obsolete.

Truths about many facets of the Kennedy assassination have been hidden by myths. Enemy of the Truth reveals myths as scientifically unsound through forensic systems. Scientific disciplines assist in clarifying the rationale for behaviors and perceptions of police officers and witnesses; understanding how listeners locate the source of sound, how stress affects cognitive abilities and the study of terminal ballistics, blood spatter, and trajectory will clarify distinctions between fact and fiction.

John F. Kennedy said,

The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.

Enemy of the Truth:Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination seeks to eradicate myths and create an accurate reality based upon science-based verifiable facts, illuminating the truth concerning the Kennedy assassination for this generation and the next.

Jim Marrs, author of over 30 books, wrote the foreword. Endorsement quotes on the rear cover include comments from well-known and respected professionals and authors, including:

• Cyril Wecht, MD, JD, prominent forensic pathologist, author of more than 550 professional publications, editorial board member of more than 20 national and international medical-legal and forensic scientific publications and author or contributor to over 30 books;

• Lamar Waldron, bestselling author of “Watergate: The Hidden History”, “Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination”, and “Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK”; and

• Larry Hancock, internationally renowned historical researcher, and author of “Someone Would Have Talked”, “Nexus”, “November Patriots: The Murder of John Kennedy” and “The Awful Grace of God”.

The insidious deceptiveness of prevailing myths concerning the Kennedy assassination must cease. It is incumbent upon us to focus on scientific disciplines for an explanation and validation of concepts surrounding President Kennedy’s death; only then will the magic of the myth be exposed as an illusion.

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