My Day with Marina

The following is a portion of the Witness Appendix:

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence in the room, I begin to explain my field of expertise — blood spatter interpretation and crime scene
reconstruction. I focused on analysis procedures and what information it can reveal; I had yet to mention the assassination or the Zapruder film.
I stopped to allow Marina to ask any questions but she had none. Instead, without a word, she rose from her chair and walked to a phone hanging
in the hall just beyond the open kitchen door and placed what appeared to be an overseas call. Debra never moved from her position against the kitchen counter. We just looked at each other, neither of us dared to speak. Once the call was connected, Marina spoke in what I assumed was her native language, Russian. After approximately five minutes of conversation, she returned to her chair and said she had checked out this field of study and had determined it was authentic. Without any sign of embarrassment from her behavior or without any reference to or explanation of her telephone call, she announced she was ready to hear what I had to say.

I explained how this type of analysis was used on crime scenes, and how I had applied it to the Kennedy assassination. She then asked a few questions to insure she had good comprehension of what I was telling her. She is very bright and immediately grasped the significance of what I was saying. Brazenly, I said I wanted her to watch the Zapruder film with me. I think for the first time since our arrival Marina was anxious. Her hand was shaking mildly as she lit her next cigarette from the butt of the one she was smoking. She stalled saying her VHS player was not working properly. Debra assured her all would be fine, that she was mechanically minded, and could make the player work. Debra bravely went into the living room and placed the tape we had brought with us into the tape player. As if sleep-walkers, Marina and I silently went into the other room and sat adjacent to each other on her sofa as the Zapruder film begin to play on her television. Other than the slow movement of the cigarette moving to her mouth and the escape of the blown smoke, Marina was motionless and watched the film attentively. With Debra pausing and rewinding the tape as necessary, I pointed out a few things and she asked a few questions. Then there was nothing but a deathly quiet. I felt like I was in the twilight zone; on the outside I was the professional expert explaining the details of my work, while inside my head I was screaming, “Oh, my gosh! I am in Marina Oswald’s home discussing the possibility of her deceased husband firing the fatal headshot that killed President Kennedy!”

Read more in my book Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination.

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  1. I can’t wait to get my copy!

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