A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas making family memories you will cherish forever. The glitter from the decorations the kids made is still on the floor and the tree is just beginning to dry. A few presents that we have to deliver to friends are under the tree, and leftovers fill the refrigerator. Christmas is not quiet over, but already we begin to look forward to next year. We begin consider resolutions where we affirm to keep an outstanding promise, to better ourselves by stopping bad habits and creating better ones, or to learn a long postponed skill. The hope of a new year and the promise it holds for a better tomorrow is almost here.

For assassination researchers there is a special hope for tomorrow. November will mark fifty years since President Kennedy was assassinated. Yet, many still believe the Warren Commission had it right, and Oswald was the only shooter in Dealey Plaza. This year, I resolve to make a difference. I will not be beaten into a submission that limits me to hope for a corrected national history. I will not just hope that people will see our struggle for truth as worthy of real study. I am going to think of ways to reach out and make it happen. Will you join me?

  1. You can talk to friends and ask if they have an interest in the assassination; offer to lend them a book that they might enjoy such as Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics and the Kennedy Assassination. Resolve to introduce the topic of the assassination to a minimum of one new person every week.
  2. If you already have a blog, write about new information in assassination research. Refer to articles with a link if you are uncomfortable writing them yourselves. Use your Facebook page to talk about Kennedy assassination research books and events.
  3. Support historical researchers by purchasing their books, writing reviews, and promoting them in social media. If you buy books, review them online to encourage others to read books that speak the truth. Buy a book for your community library or  local school library. Consider giving your collection to a local book club, or high school history teacher.
  4. Support forums and Facebook pages that encourage assassination research. Remember outsiders may be lurking, so act accordingly and monitor what you write, don’t be baited into name calling or rash comments – we have enough people calling us “nuts”.
  5. Write to your local newspaper, asking if they are going to do a piece on the assassination. Suggest persons they might want to interview.  Many authors would love that opportunity.
  6. Find one point that proves a second shooter and really learn how to defend that position. For example, can you prove the single bullet theory is impossible, or that the fatal head shot came from the front? One well-proven point can generate an avalanche of doubt in a single shooter devotee.

Join me as I resolve to bring the truth concerning the assassination of President Kennedy to light in 2013. I sincerely believe that is one resolution worth keeping!

~ Sherry

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