WC Report Admits Inability to Prove the Single Bullet Theory

The remarkable flight of Warren Commission Exhibit 399 is mysterious and convoluted. The Warren Report states the bullet struck President John Kennedy in the back of the neck, passed through the neck without striking bone, and then exited at the front of his throat. The bullet then entered Texas Governor John Connally’s back at the right armpit, damaging four inches of his fifth rib before it exited his chest below the right nipple. Continuing forward, the bullet then struck Connally’s right wrist and shattered the radius bone before exiting at the base of his palm. The still moving bullet then struck Connally’s left thigh just about the knee, penetrating about three inches beneath the surface of the skin. The bullet struck the femur, depositing a small lead fragment before stopping its forward movement. If the trajectory is not mysterious enough, consider the bullet was then expelled from the wound in Connally’s thigh, somehow escaped capture by his clothing, and was curiously deposited on a stretcher to be found in a hallway of the Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The Commission did acknowledge there was a “difference of opinion” among members of the Commission as to this probability, but stated the theory was “not essential to its conclusions” (Warren Report, p. 19). This bullet would eventually become the foundation of the Warren Commission’s theory that a single assassin was responsible for the shooting of the President. Any deviation from this preconceived conclusion would suggest a second assassin. The Commission, however, did not declare they had proven the Single Bullet Theory, nor did all members accept the possibility of a single bullet wounding both men. However, that didn’t stop the official report from stating the assassination was executed by one man with three bullets. To circumvent the problem of having no proof, the Warren Commission just declared their inability to prove the validity of the Single Bullet Theory as inconsequential by stating:

Although it is not necessary to any essential findings of the Commission to determine just which shot hit Governor Connally, there is very persuasive evidence to indicate that the same bullet which pierced the President’s throat also caused Governor Connally’s wounds (WCR:19).

The alignment of the points of entry was only indicative and not conclusive that one bullet hit both men. The exact positions of the men could not be re-created; thus, the angle could only be approximated. (WCR: 107).

Enemy of the Truth proves the Single Bullet Theory is a manufactured resolution of WC problems stemming from a biased investigation that obviously attempted to manipulate the findings supporting a single shooter. By its own admission, the Warren Commission did not demonstrate a trajectory that proves the Single Bullet Theory correct; yet, the Single Bullet Theory hinges on trajectory. Truths applied to theories, if correct make the theory becomes a fact. The inability to prove a theory, suggests it is time to discard the theory. Instead, single shooter devotees, regardless of the evidence, incongruously and resolutely support the Single Bullet Theory. One thing is certain: if the Single Bullet Theory is correct, the trajectory of the bullet is a single, straight line originating at the muzzle of the weapon terminating in the entry wound in Connally’s back. That trajectory should be reproducible and supported by evidence if correct; but it is not reproducible and not supported by medical evidence. The possibility of aligning the muzzle of a weapon in the Texas School Book Depository sixth floor window with the two wounds in Kennedy and the back wound in Connally has not been proven, because it is impossible—which proves there was a conspiracy.

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One response to “WC Report Admits Inability to Prove the Single Bullet Theory

  1. Superb argument, Sherry, right on the mark. I would just add that there is no evidence of an entry wound in the back of JFK’s neck. Evidence from the autopsy, JFK’s coat & shirt bullet holes and eyewitness testimony indicate a bullet entered JFK’s upper back at the level of the third thoracic vertebrae. Considering these facts alone, the Single Bullet Theory is bogus.

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