Missing the Forest for the Trees

Our experiences, education, and external influences such as entertainment and social interactions influence the origin for our convictions. The flexibility of those convictions is what scientists call fluid intelligence. This concept does not rely on IQ or education, but measures the ability to consider views that do not fit with our current accepted view of reality. Fluid intelligence is quite simply the ability or willingness to think outside the box.

Static intelligence is the opposite of fluid intelligence. Individuals with that viewpoint rarely desire to challenge their current beliefs. Entrenched in the certainty of established personal truths, they ignore new information, or attempt to discredit it as ridiculous or unfounded. Many of us move from one end of that spectrum to the other during our lives. That shift is often dependent on the topic, and how we arrived at our concept of truth. Therefore, most people exhibit fluid intelligence. Otherwise, when declaring an entrenched position we could possibly contradict ourselves. For example, stating you do not believe in ideas that cannot be scientifically proven eliminates the concept of love.  Static intelligence tends to hone in one portion of a new idea, and then use that to discount thought-provoking new philosophies or to defend a current view.

The myopic focus static intelligence represents is perfectly stated in the idiom, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Some people refuse to consider new ideas concerning the Kennedy assassination. They know the facts, have read numerous books,  watched YouTube videos, chatted on forums, and developed a personal perception of what happened. Forty-nine years of assassination research has revealed the only possible conclusions they perceive as absolute and correct. To see if you should challenge your perceptions of what is truth or reality, consider taking this test.

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One response to “Missing the Forest for the Trees

  1. David Jones

    I got it right 15 …I missed the gorilla. Having said that, had I been asked what else did you see? I might have said. ” Did not look for anything else…but, there could have beed a gorilla I suppose.”

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