Mysterious and Endlessly Fascinating

I find the Kennedy assassination mysterious, and endlessly fascinating. It is obviously mysterious in the characteristic cloak and dagger kind of way: intrigue, secrecy, and undercover activities play a large part in the assassination. Trying to determine the reason for Kennedy’s death, or for that matter, who was responsible is like looking through a kaleidoscope with overlapped impetus distorted by the mirrors inside. You turn the information one way, and one reason and set of suspects becomes predominate and appears to be the perpetrators. Turn it again, and another group seems to possess the best motivation. Fascinated, I cannot seem to stop rotating the lens. As a result, I never arrive at a conclusion.

I also find study of the assassination mysterious in that it seems to reveal information incrementally, with no particular order, and sometimes with no apparent connection to other documented information. Mysterious because that doled out information is incessantly provided in voluminous writings which offer pieces of the puzzle that I cannot make fit seamlessly together, leaving me with more questions than answers.

Yes, study of the Kennedy assassination is mysterious. However, it is also fascinating. It captivated my attention, calling to me to find order in the chaos of the kaleidoscope of who and why. If you, too are compelled by the need to have concrete, provable answers that offer some sense of what happened, check out my book, Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination. No mysterious theories, just reliable forensic research applied to what we have as available evidence. I finally have pieces of the puzzle that fit together perfectly.


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2 responses to “Mysterious and Endlessly Fascinating

  1. Steven Berry

    The entire JFK landscape is like listening to the song “Lucy In The Sky” while observing a Jackson Pollock painting at the same time, It is really just to much to take in…There is nothing simple about the greatest murder mystery of our times. I won’t for a minute believe that the architects of this murder were clever enough to so insulate themselves from ever being implicated in this crime…but the results, after 50 years of wrestling with this gargoyle, tells me that whoever “they” are, they are either the most brilliant men that I would ever hope to imagine…or they have been using us all along as enablers to push themselves even deeper into the far away place where blame and guilt do not exist. What I would like to know Sherry Fiester is now that we have the one thing that our detractors have demanded for all of these years – PROOF that the final head shot had to have come from in front of the Limo carrying JFK – No matter how the Warren Report believers attempt to spin it. The fact that there had to have been a second shooter and hence a conspiracy is there for us to begin using. The question is now that proof is available, how do we use it or to whom should we be directing the proof?

  2. Bob Truitt

    Sherry, I’m reading Enemy of the Truth right now. Thanks for the blog.

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