Seeing is Believing


You can visit Dealey Plaza for the first time only once. I have been honored to accompany several people as they had that experience. Their first comment is usually about how small the area actually is, and then the excitement of being in such an extraordinary location takes over. Here is where Toni Foster was standing. There is the window on the sixth floor, and that is the pedestal upon which Abraham Zapruder was standing while he made the most famous home movie of all time. There is usually a somber acknowledgement of the white X on the street where President Kennedy’s life was taken and history took an unexpected turn. The significance of the metal plaque in the ground is quietly observed, and then the researcher takes over. So, this is the infamous grassy knoll. Where was the sign? We check out the view from behind the fence. Then we walk over to the south end of the overpass.

The discussions, chats and emails suddenly make sense. The angle of the road combined with Kennedy’s head turn means he was looking that way. Seeing the entire tops of large FEDEX trucks proves sufficient elevation so the limo windshield isn’t a problem. Suddenly it all makes sense; the shooter for the fatal head shot must have been in this area. What was just math, just a discussion becomes real.  What was just math, just a discussion, is more than that now. Seeing is believing, questions are answered. Theory  becomes truth.


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